Simplicity and a devotion to quality products is one of our maxims when we cook. Our chefs carefully examine the product, respect it and handle it very little. We offer a product-centred cuisine cared for down to the last detail. A table where you can share and enjoy traditional cuisine.

Every day, our menu features the best products from our gardens and farms and the Basque coast, fresh and varied products crafted with the utmost respect and with sensitivity to extract their best flavour and texture, always accompanied by the best wines and hard ciders from the Basque Country.

Seasonal products

Autumn arrives at SAGARDI full of great seasonal products, from the producer to the table. “Beltza” Mushrooms from the Gipuzkoa and Navarre forests, wild mushrooms from the Pyrenees, the mythical “alubia” from Tolosa or the delicious piquillo pepper from Tudela. Delights of autumn to enjoy with the best Basque lifelong recipes.

Whichever seasonal delight you choose, don’t miss the SAGARDI classics like the wild fish Donostia style or the Txuleton, a sublime aged beef cut which we always serve with a side of Basque pride.